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Robert McGregor – Managing Director


Interview with Robert McGregor, Managing Director.

Please describe your role at Contamac?

“As Managing Director it is important for me to consider every element of the business and provide clarity on the direction of the company. I want to ensure we meet our mission statement: “Develop and enhance our people, skills and products ensuring we deliver the best customer service in our industry  us the first choice supplier in the markets we serve”. This cannot be achieved without a clear strategy embracing all aspects of our business and the people within it. I ensure that our people develop and remain motivated, R&D remains at the forefront of our business, our manufacturing is of the highest class and that our customers are treated as our partners. This of course has to be achieved with the correct level of financial control ensuring we remain profitable.”

What do you enjoy most about working at Contamac and our industry?

“From the start of my tenure at Contamac until today I have always enjoyed working with our staff, Contamac is very fortunate to have an incredibly talented team who are committed to the company and industry as a whole. Although the company has grown significantly over the years I try hard to maintain the culture of a family run business, being privately owned allows me to achieve this aspect. The company is fast moving and has the ability to adapt and change, this encourages innovation, flexibility and a desire to achieve from R&D throughout the manufacturing and sale of the finished product. This is ingrained within the organisation, every day provides a new challenge, thus keeping everyone energised throughout the company. Our industry is unique, I enjoy the interaction with our customers, suppliers, industry professionals and our competition. As a materials provider Contamac has a role and responsibility to support the finished Contact and Intraocular Lens Manufacturers the interaction and dialogue with all our clients is always enjoyable. I love a challenge and more importantly I gain most of my satisfaction in watching the company deliver solutions and products to help grow our customers’ businesses.”

How would you describe Contamac’s new facility in 3 words?

“Specialised – Efficient – Technical Specialised: I have chosen this word as Contamac has always devoted its core business to the manufacture of specialty materials to the ophthalmic industry, this specific area is where our passion is. The new facility provides an accomplished platform to allow us to support and deliver products to the highest standards possible to the industry. Efficient: One of the main drivers for the move was to future proof the business, this is achieved by producing product effectively whilst automating or mechanising the process. The new facility, equipment and capability within it delivers this for the business. Of course we won’t stop there as continuous improvements are at the heart of our organisation. Technical: The relocation allowed the company to design and build a state of the art R&D department, increased by >250% from the previous facility. The company has enlarged every department by a minimum of 40%. Contamac is highly skilled, we have an unrivalled research, QA, Technical and educational team for our sector of the industry. These individuals need the space and resources to deliver the technical brilliance our industry deserves.”

Did the move to the Carlton Place go as expected?

“This relocation project commenced three years ago, at this time the board decided that John McGregor (Chairman) and Robert Lewis (Operations Director) would focus their time on this task, this was a very important decision as it left myself and others to focus on the business. John and Robbie knew exactly what the company required by way of a facility and they have delivered a purpose built factory that will meet the needs of the company for many years to come. A move of this size always has its challenges, but all were managed and dealt with efficiently as part of the planning and construction of the building. Perhaps the best measure of success is that throughout the whole process the company experienced minimal downtime, the greatest testament to this was that none of our customers experienced delays in shipments. It is very important to note that everyone in the business contributed towards the move, a lot of patience were asked of our teams, and without this it would not be possible. We are very proud to state that once the relocation was completed the company retained 100% of its staff, this was very important to me and all on the board of directors.”

Having completed the move, what are the priorities for 2016?

“Our customer focus will intensify, the new facility and increased staffing will allow us to perform this task better than ever before. Our Research and Development strategy will continue and will deliver new products to help our customers look at new opportunities in their relevant industry sectors. One main objective is to ensure that our customers have a stable and trusted supply of materials supported by our team of experts who are interested in their success.”

What is your outlook for the next 3–5 years?

“The company operates to a three year strategic plan, we have many goals and objectives across the whole company that need to be delivered. Our industry has many opportunities ahead of us, there are many new technologies being developed within Contamac that will ensure the success of our company and our industry partners. We will remain consistent and provide the innovation and platform for success for our customers.”